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M&A in the funeral services market

With the conclusion of the CMA review into the market, combined with the future regulation of pre-paid funerals by the FCA, the funeral services sector is going through a period of considerable change.

M&A across the market has slowed over the last 12 months as investors and acquirers awaited the outcome of these regulatory changes, in addition to assessing the impact of COVID.

These dynamics are fast-tracking a change in both consumer demand and pricing, with a shift towards simple, low-cost funerals and direct cremation services.

As we now move towards a period of greater certainty, M&A activity is expected to ramp up in the coming months, with private equity likely to back small groups looking to consolidate at a regional level through acquisition.

Our report discusses the valuation drivers in the market, as well as highlighting the acquisition appetite of the key players. A copy of the full report can be downloaded here: LINK


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