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Responses to a range of the most frequently asked questions relating to our services


How do you structure your fees? 

Our fees comprise two elements:

1. Preparatory Fee: This fixed fee covers the preparation phase, including creating essential financial documents and an information memorandum. It helps offset our time investment while showing your commitment to the process.

2. Success Fee: This fee is contingent upon a successful transaction, calculated as a percentage of the overall business price. It incentivises us to maximise the valuation achieved.

How long does a sale process take?


The process typically spans a minimum of six months and includes three phases:

1. Preparation: Involves creating necessary information for potential buyers, researching suitable acquirers, and compiling a dataroom.

2. Marketing: Information sharing with approved potential buyers, fielding questions, arranging discussions, evaluating offers, and negotiating Heads of Terms with the preferred buyer.

3. Execution: Granting exclusivity to the preferred buyer for due diligence and negotiation of the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

For a detailed timeline, refer to our process guide: LINK.

I’m worried about staff or customers finding out that we’re selling – how do you prevent this? 

This is a common concern for shareholders looking to sell their business and is entirely understandable. Our approach can be broken down into three stages:

1. Buyer Shortlisting: We only approach buyers likely to be interested in acquiring the business and possessing the financial capability to do so. A shortlist of fewer than 20 prospective acquirers, identified during the preparation stage, is agreed with you before any contact is made. We never market the opportunity to a generic "database" but rather shortlist those with prior sector activity or strategic rationale for the transaction.

2. Qualification of Interest: We initially share high-level, anonymous business details with potential acquirers. Further information is only disclosed if they respond positively.

3. Confidentiality Assurance: Before any sensitive information is exchanged, we ensure the interested party signs a suitable non-disclosure agreement, safeguarding your interests.

This meticulous approach aims to maintain confidentiality throughout the sale process, mitigating concerns about unwanted disclosure to staff or customers.

How do you find buyers for my business?

With our exclusive focus on the healthcare sector, we continuously track active acquirers. We leverage M&A databases to identify potential parties based on past transactions and financial capabilities, shortlisting only those deemed credible.

How will buyers value my business? 

Healthcare businesses are typically valued by applying a multiplier to the EBITDA. Find a basic valuation guide here (LINK), along with specific market guides for various healthcare segments here (LINK).

Who within the firm will actually be performing the work and interacting with us day to day?

At Eclipse, a small, senior-led team ensures personalised service. Our two most senior members, each with over a decade of healthcare mergers and acquisitions experience, will be your primary points of contact. We limit active transactions to five at any given time to guarantee dedicated attention to your needs.

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