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How to value a nursery business

A guide on how to value a nursery business

This article aims to provide a simple guide on how to value a nursery business and the factors that will impact the valuation. It will be useful for those looking to buy or sell a nursery or nursery group.

The key topics covered are as follows:

- Earnings multiples applied within the nurseries sector

- Presentation of EBITDA in order to maximise value

- The key drivers of value for nurseries

- Various illustrative valuations based upon these key drivers

- An explanation of the difference between Enterprise Value (i.e. the headline price offered for a business) and the Equity Value (i.e. the amount that the shareholders will actually receive for the shares of the company)

Download a copy of the report below:

If you are considering selling your nurseries and generate in excess of £500k of EBITDA, we would be happy to produce a complimentary valuation report for your business. As a team of chartered accountants, we take a granular view on valuation, analysing the ways in which performance can be presented to achieve the optimum price.

Please get in touch by emailing for an initial conversation.

Further details on how we can support you in selling your business can be found by following the link below.


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