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July 2022: Healthcare M&A Snapshot

This snapshot summarises the key mergers & acquisitions, private equity and venture capital transactions across the UK healthcare sector in July 2022.

A PDF copy of the report can be downloaded here:

Notable Sector Deals

Trinity Homecare's acquisition of Premier Homecare

  • Another successful bolt-on for Trinity Homecare following Limerston Capital’s investment in early 2020

  • The addition of Premier Homecare to the group brings quality live-in and domiciliary care services across the South West

  • This represents the sixth acquisition for Trinity as they seek to generate further scale and expand geographic presence

  • By targeting the private pay segment, the business continues to consolidate a fragmented market where few other acquirers are highly active

  • Given the platform was originally acquired as part of a carve-out, the business should also be capable of recognising significant cost savings in the short term

MBO of Inspire Scotland funded by Thincats

  • The MBO of Inspire Scotland represents another notable deal within the children’s services sector which continues to show strong levels of M&A

  • The majority of transactions, however, have been focused on the English market (where fees are perceived to be higher) and this deal represents one of the first purely Scottish deals in recent times

  • Despite negative publicity in recent months, the sector remains buoyant with demand drivers strong and a number of consolidators active in the market

  • The deal also highlights Thincats growing prevalence in funding lower mid-market healthcare transactions, particularly within residential care

NVMs investment into YorkTest

  • NVM’s £10m investment into YorkTest is another example of strong investor appetite in the home testing market

  • YorkTest provides tests for food intolerance and allergies, and has shown significant growth over the last two years as demand has soared

  • The funding will be used to launch ten new home health tests, invest in new equipment, and continue the expansion into new markets such as the US

  • The deal highlights the growing trend of individuals taking a more proactive approach to their health and a greater willingness to pay for D2C services

  • It follows a raft of VC and PE investments in home testing, ranging from general health tests to specific niches such as fertility and sexual health

Acquisition of Precedental by ALS

  • The acquisition of Precedental is another successful deal for Amalgamated Laboratory Solutions (ALS) in the dental labs sector

  • Backed by PE firm Ansor, ALS has quietly continued to consolidate the dental labs market since its inception in 2019, whilst most other acquirers have remained focused on dental practices

  • By acquiring small, primarily family-owned businesses, the group plans to utilise digital transformation and automated manufacturing to create efficiencies and synergies

  • It will be fascinating to see how this plays out as the business generates greater scale through both organic and inorganic means

Healthcare Market Activity

Private Equity Activity




Exiting PE


Shipston Dental Practice

Envisage Dental (Phoenix)









Great Point Partners

Elderly Care

New Century Care

Gresham House


Dom Care

Premier Homecare

Trinity Homecare (Limerston)


Medical Devices

Spectrum Medical Group

CVC Capital




ALS Dental



Venture Capital Activity


Lead Investor



Cell analysis platform for use in drug development, vaccine production and cell/gene therapy manufacturing




A comparison website for residential care and independent living

General Catalyst



Digital health quality management platform to ensure digital health products are introduced safely




Digital Health company focused on tinnitus

Octopus Ventures



Self-assessment tool for muscle and joint problems




Supports remote services for patients with long term chronic conditions such as diabetes

Morningside Ventures



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