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Digital Health: 2021 M&A and Venture Capital Activity

Growth Drivers

  • The COVID pandemic has without doubt had a significant impact on the development of digital healthcare solutions

  • This can largely be broken into three core elements which have enhanced demand in a very short space of time:

    • Backlogs: with NHS waiting lists at record levels due to delayed procedures, the use of digital health solutions to address these is paramount. The government recently announced £2.1bn of funding to support the use of technology to address backlogs

    • Remote solutions: the inability to treat patients in person has required new technologies allowing remote consultations and treatments to be rolled out in short order

    • Mental health: enforced working from home has created a raft of new occupational health challenges for employers and the NHS, with employee mental health a major concern. Digital solutions with a focus on mental health are therefore in huge demand

M&A and Investment Activity

  • Market activity has largely followed these drivers as investors and acquirers seek to capitalise on the significant opportunities available

  • Venture capital involvement has been prevalent as small technology platforms are quickly scaled to address market need

  • Future activity is unlikely to slow as the COVID pandemic has led to broader acceptance of new technologies in much shorter timeframes

Details of recent transactions in the sector are available in the full report which can be downloaded here:


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